Soul Shakin’ Gospel Brunch at Eddie’s Feb. 8th

January 15, 2015

Gospel Brunch flyer jpeg

We say the DejaBlue Grass Band serves up a fresh song selection of truegrass, piled high with pop and newgrass, lightly salted with some soul-shaking gospel, we will be delivering on that promise in a big way on February 8th 11:30AM at Eddies Attic. Join us for an old fashioned sanctifyin’ singing and swaying with Ricky McKinnie of the Blind Boys of Alabama, and featuring Harold Holloway and Company. Harold Holloway and Company are AMAZING (check him out here)  and you simply will not get this experience anywhere else. So we’re not telling you to skip church that morning, but we are saying that we’ll be having so much high energy hoopin’ and hollerin’ fun that the Devil won’t get within 5 miles of you on that day.

$40 which includes a huge brunch spread served by Eddie’s which is sure to please!

Doors Open at 11AM,

Brunch starts at 11:30.   Music shortly afterward.

Get your tickets here! Y’all come!!


The New South’s Deepest Revelry

November 6, 2014

Gurley banjo

Mark Lehi Jones is a “gimme the ball!” kinda banjo picker.  I saw that boy whip out “Love Roller Coaster” on a group of unsuspecting contemplative coffee house song writer types once.  You wanna get the attention of an entire room full of mellowed out strangers?  Whip out some Ohio Players at max volume on a banjo…that’ll do it!   He’s no girly man on the banjo….he’s more like the Gurley man. Rough-tough-in-your-face-dare-you-to-take-it-off-my-shoulder-carry-the-whole-team kinda banjo.

Speaking of the Gurley man, a certain iconic running back of the Georgia Bulldogs returns to the gridiron on Saturday November 15.   SOooooo…..We’ve got deal for you. Before you get ready for the big game, get your game face and your team colors on and come celebrate with the DejaBlue Grass Band on Friday Night NOVEMBER 14th on the eve of the 118th renewal of the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry at Napoleons Grill on LaVista Rd. in the Oak Grove area of Decatur.  We promise you we’re gonna give it 110%, play as a team, stay focused, keep our eye on the ball, and whatever other sports cliche’s that’ll get you out to boogie with us! Tell the sitter you’ll be home late.

The DejaBlue Grass Band

Live at Napoleons Grill

Friday Night, NOVEMBER 14th, 8ish

2836 Lavista Rd, Decatur, GA 30033


DjBGB plays at Wounded Warrior Benefit in Buckhead this Friday 9/26

September 23, 2014

Wounded Warrior logoFor as long I live, I’ll never forget my first Bluegrass gig.  We got hired by a gentleman named Gordon, to play a party to welcome his son-in-law who was coming home.  I didn’t think too much about the reason for the occasion because I was selfishly more concerned about how I would play, at the time filling in on mandolin for the first time with this band.  We did our thing, played some tunes while everyone ate, and then Gordon took the mic.  He welcomed everyone to his home and then proceeded to introduce and tell the story of his son-in-law, who was home for the first time after spending 6 months in a German hospital.  You see, his son-in-law was a captain in the Marine Corps.  He had done his tour in Iraq, and was scheduled to come home shortly after training his replacement.  Just a few days before he was to return home to his family, the Captain and his replacement encountered and IED that detonated nearly killing them.  After months of surgeries and painful rehab, he was home.  Blind in one eye, but home.   The soldier soon took the stage to address the crowd.   He took the mic and addressed the crowd, telling his amazing story, while holding his two little girls in his arms.  My lasting takeaway from this night as I watched this brave man hold his precious daughters and tell the crowd, “Unfortunately there are some evil people in the world, and it’s up to us to protect our country and our way of life”.   There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

This Friday night, September 26th, our good friend Steve Parker is giving something back to the Wounded Warrior Project and we want you to join us.  He’s hosting a golf tournament he is affectionately calling the “Hackers Ball” with 100% of the proceeds going to Wounded Warrior.  Afterwards, he’s asked the DejaBlue Grass Band to play music and we couldn’t be more honored.   Steve is a just a great guy giving back to something he believes in and he has said that if any friends of the band would like to join us, you are welcome.

We’ll be under a tent right behind the Chastain Park Golf Course in Buckhead.  We start playing about 7PM.  Very casual.  No frills.  Just good bluegrass for a GREAT cause.   Y’all come!




Where do you see yourself in the future?

September 8, 2014

bluegrass fortune cookie“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”  What corporate pinhead came up with this question? I always resented it because I figure there’s only two ways to answer it: feed them some recycled bovine waste they wanted to hear, or answer truthfully “who frikkin knows….maybe dead” and, well, you get the idea.

I’m all for looking over the bow of the boat, but 5 years??  Ask Olympus cameras or Angie’s List employees where they see themselves in 5 years.   What’s important is not so much looking for the light at the end of a tunnel as much as looking for the light at the end of the flashlight.

We don’t know what you’re doing in 5 years and frankly neither do you, but here’s what we hope you’re doing in the very near future, like this Thursday night, September 11, 2014.  The DejaBlue Grass Band points our flashlight squarely in the direction of the Red Light Cafe on Amsterdam Ave. as in, we’ll be playing there and we hope you’ll join us.  Downstroke around 8PM.  
Then we’re rolling up South Cackalacky for the 3rd year in a row for the Pickens Founders Day Festival in lovely Pickens, SC on Saturday, Sept 13th  We play twice, first at 1:45 PM, then again at 8:00PM.  

So to hell with your boss and his stupid questions, come join us!  We won’t ask anything of you other than that you relax and have a great time and we’ll pick you some new tunes we’ve incorporated from the gig we did with some of the members of the Blind Boys of Alabama, and we’ll lay’em on you and we guarantee you’ll feel loved and appreciated.

Speaking of that gig with the Blind Boys, here’s a live cut from that show… Take The High Road.  Enjoy!

“Take The High Road” – DejaBlue Grass Band featuring Ricky McKinney and Jimmy Carter of the Blind Boys of Alabama


Blind Ambition

August 22, 2014

One of the reasons why I think people may be able to relate to this thing called the DejaBlue Grass Band is that we are 5 regular guys with ambition who create the musical fantasy in which we live.   We speak things into existence, and we believe it, and then we channel that energy together and it manifests into some pretty cool things that bands with 10x the talent don’t get to do.   I think people can relate to that because it could just as easily be them.   Well this weekend we take our every-man-band into some rarified air… A date with Jimmy Carter and Ricky McKinney,  two members of the legendary Blind Boys of Alabama to sing gospel music at Eddie’s Attic on Sunday night August 24th.Finally the gig we’ve been waiting for since last Christmas is here.     Playing Eddie’s is a first for the band and playing with two multiple Grammy Award-winning artists is DEFINITELY a first.

As you can see from the video, we have had so much working on the set together, and rehearsing with these guys has been a blast.  What a trip to be able to make music with guys you’ve seen play with everyone from Aaron Neville to Ben Harper to Peter Gabriel to Warren Haynes to Dr. John.    In fact they will have just shared the stage with BB King in California the gig prior to playing with us.

As of today at 1PM, we’re only a handful of tickets from a sell-out so we hope you’ll join us!  If you’ve already bought tickets, we thank you!!  100% of the proceeds go to Neighbor-In-Need, a wonderful organization run by our good friend Kyle Caldwell,  who helps low-income elderly make emergency home repairs.

Many thanks to Chuck Shivers and Kyle  for setting this up!

See you Sunday!!


Note to (future) Self…

July 1, 2014


I write notes to my future self. I send them via audio text, email, notepad on my iPad, etc. Random things that I see… Observations, things I think that might help me in my job, as a parent, as a husband, as a songwriter and so on.  Most of them I forget about, but every so often I stumble across one of  those notes and go back to the future and Google those things that sparked my curiosity enough to leave my future self a note.  Hello rabbit hole…

I tripped across one today actually, and I Googled the science of saying “please” and “thank you”. My hunch was that there’s some neurological reward in the form of dopamine release or serotonin or some other such hormone and that is why gratitude in the form of a simple “please” and “thank you”  is important. Turns out there’s reams of information on it, and it turns out I’m right. Now its kind of deflating sometimes when everything you think about has already been researched to the nth degree.  Further proof that there is nothing new under the sun (until it burns out I suppose…then we’ll have to come up with another axiom in the dark).  But the reward of course is corroborating that hunch, answering that question in my mind with some degree of certainty. Although I suppose there is just as much conflicting information on any given subject as there is stuff to confirm my hunches. Which is one of the reasons why we play original music.  Good bad indifferent, it’s ours.  No one else is playing it.  Ain’t nothing about it on Google, unless we put it there. They may write papers on it sometime in the future, (silly little fantasy) and  it’ll always be ours. Original authorship rights.

So leave a note to your future self…  Goes a little something like this, “Buy original music from the DejaBlue Grass Band”.  Now, ping yourself with a reminder sometime around August,  because at that time, or some point in the future near that time,  this decade-long project to put original music out there will be complete and in the history books. Okay? Please?  At that point, we will say “thank you” and there will be serotonin or dopamine release the likes nobody has seen in history!


DejaBlue Grass Band / Blind Boys of Alabama, Aug 24th, Eddie’s Attic – Decatur, GA

March 12, 2014

DjBGB w_Blind BoysSerendipity and a great friend brought the DejaBlue Grass Band to a party last Christmas attended by members of the legendary Blind Boys of Alabama.  We ended up doing a few tunes in the living room and had a blast singing for them. Before long Jimmy Carter and Ben Moore began chiming in and singing with us.  It was, to say the least, a surreal THRILL.   Yeah, making music with 5-Time Grammy award winning artists is not something we get to do very often.  It was pretty much the coolest Christmas present ever.

Well one thing led to another and, through the good work of said great friend, Mr. Kyle Caldwell, we are doing a show together!!!!  So let’s see…among many others, they’re played with Tom Waits, Solomon Burke, Michael Franti, Chrissie Hynde, Aaron Neville, Shelby Lynne, George Clinton, Ben Harper, Randy Travis, Bonnie RaittSusan Tedeschi, Jars of Clay, Charlie Musselwhite,  and as of August 24th, 2014, The DejaBlue Grass Band.  How crazy is that???  The Law of Attraction in action if I’ve ever seen it.

So…Mark your calendars for a special evening with the DejaBlue Grass Band and Ricky McKinnie and Jimmy Carter from The Blind Boys of Alabama live at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur. Sunday evening, August 24, 2014 to benefit Neighbor In Need (helping low-income elderly make emergency home repairs). Details forthcoming on tickets on our website and Facebook page.
Wait….WHAT?!?!??    Don’t wake us if this is all a dream, okay?
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