Buckethead banjos in Big Sky with the Bridger Creek Boys

September 22, 2007

Hey Y’all:
Just back from big sky…Among the wheat farms and bison herds sits a little known gem called the Pine Creek Lodge (on the outskirts of Livingston, Montana), where every Saturday night local bands take the stage and whip up an old fashioned hoedown.

The Bridger Creek Boys played this past Saturday night, and as luck would have it, our banjo player, Mark “Buckethead” Jones, was out that way (touring Yellowstone) and decided to drop in and jam! Check out these pictures!  (Thanks Kitty!)  

Deja Blue met the Bridger Creek boys in Telluride in June during the Bluegrass festival and we jammed nearly every night on the streets to big crowds. We were without a bass player, and we were lucky to run into Lynwood Johnson, the Bridger Creek Boys fabulous bass player , who not only jammed with us, but as a bonus introduced us to his band mates: great guitar player Jim Dugan, the incredible Matt Broughton on fiddle, smokin Phil Jolly on mando, and the master Jon Meek on dobro and banjo. The Bridger Creek Boys didn’t disappoint our traveling banjoist at the Pine Creek Lodge. In fact, they were nice enough to let him sit in and play the entire 2nd and 3rd set – even though they already have such a great banjo player. The highlights of the evening were when Mark and Jon battled it out on banjos on “Dueling Banjos” and on “Foggy Mountain Breakdown”. The BC boys are just absolutely great pickers and heck of nice guys.Side note 1: One of the colorful locals who was dancing to the music exclaimed that he learned to dance by watching chickens (and I think its true).
Side note 2: The Bridger Creek Boys know the value of a good beer! In fact, they have these little drink holders that attach to their mic stand to keep the beers from wandering under foot and getting kicked over. What a great idea. Keep an eye out for Deja Blue’s new mic stand setup which will feature the same gadget.


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