November 2, 2007

You are rafting on the stream of consciousness, rabbit-holed in contemplation, when an ambient signal snaps you present to the fact that you may have just completely missed your exit. Five hundred feet or 5 miles, you have no idea how much pavement passed. You’ve been operating a motorized vehicle…at interstate speed..all with acuity ranking somewhere between snoring and chewing gum.

Measured time rendered completely irrelevant.  Were you, in that instant, experiencing life in only 3 dimensions? Did you “lose yourself? or maybe that IS “living in the present”, though from a conventional definition it’s the complete opposite, a kind of bizarro awareness, totally tuned out to be tuned in. Music makes me do that…often.  Sometimes in practice, when we are blending harmonies in a tightly wound three-part chorus, the line between my experience and my mates’ blurs and I hover above myself, listening, enjoying, dancing and…oh. wait.  I think I just missed my exit.

DBGB will be taking some measured time during the next few months.  Aside from some private parties, we are regrouping for ’08, rolling in many new songs, and doing our best to reinvent ourselves.  Thanks for checking in.


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