November 28, 2007

Rednexistentialism…  Our own brand of DBGB philosophy. Okay, my own…can’t speak for all of us.  But as I see it, it’s a state of being in this band, where we neither wax philosophic about the natural science of what it is or it isn’t to be a ‘neck, nor define the moral structure of rednekkidness itself, (“nekkid” in any form, must always be spelled with two “k”s…sez so in the rednexistential handbook) but rather the system of authentically being, “bein’ ” as it were, around each other, talkin’ at or about, whatever,.. or not… transcending the duality of “is or ain’t'” and.. just..      bein’.

….oh, and playin’ hillbilly music, of course…gotta play hillbilly music. 

Thinkin’ about makin’ it an official “movement”.  Won’t you join us? 


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