Getting (a) present

December 18, 2007

This morning I got present to George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” while listening on my I-pod.  One might find an equally gratifying tune, but a better song does not exist.  Ever do that?  Ever just stop down… and listen… and get present to every little nuance of every little note…over and over.  The production, the mix, the separation, the blend, the writing, the solos, the 3rd gravitating bodies. And this from the Beatles third-stringer.  You could do an entire music appreciation course on that song alone.   Wonder how that went down?  …”Hey, George!  We’ve got a li’l room left on the recohhhd.  Wanna throw a tune on there?” 

While often engaging in this sort of behavior, I am particulary aware right now as we embark on this little CD project as the DejaBlue Grass Band.  I wonder what it’s gonna sound like?  Wonder if the producer will be able to capture the essense of our live shows with a studio recording?  I don’t know a damn thing about recording a studio album…wonder what’s involved?  Will I be able to hold down my end of the music?  Wonder if my mates feel the same.   Look for it out in time for the spring bluegrass season.    I do know this…we are very excited!  


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