4 down, 8 to go

January 12, 2008

MJ Keith JB

TC RW  We laid down rhythm tracks for 4 songs today. Not as easy as it sounds, but Marty made it work well. It’s an interesting dynamic to play, sitting down, while remaining as still as possible, isolated from your mates, when our live shows played standing up, moving around, crowded around a single mic…took a little bit to get used to. Todd is so steady on that big dawghouse bass that it makes for an easy transition, and the tempos are right on so far.

We are playing everything live, no click tracks, so when one of us screws up, we have to either retake the whole song, or “punch in” and play along and let Marty work his magic back there on the board. Kitty took lots of good video footage and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with. She says she’ll have a “Disney version” and, in case she needs to blackmail us, a “directors cut”.Tomorrow we’ll try our best to get 8 more rhythm tracks down. It’ll be easier because all the levels and mics set-ups are ready to go. We’ll get in about 10am and hit it.



  1. Can’t wait to hear the cuts! Why is it nobody has commented on your blogs? If anything requires an observation, “exestential rednekkididism” and nominal interstate acuity scream for it!

    Names for the CD:
    – “The Weekend Sessions”
    – “Never Been Here Before”
    – “Blue Blown Grass” (it just sounds good)
    or – “Blowin’ Blue Grass” (w/ a picture of a blue, five pointed leaf)
    – “I Hear a Calling”

  2. Thanks, Mo! Keep readin’ and spread the word!

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