Dream a little dream

January 12, 2008

Walter Mitty, where are ya?  The DejaBlueGrass Band is finally entering the studio for our first CD project.  On Wednesday, the band ran through our final prep before heading into the studio Saturday morning. We worked on tempos, where the put breaks, vocals, etc. We’ve picked 12-14 songs for possible inclusion on the CD and want to do our best to recreate the band’s live sound and(most importantly) vibe.

We’re fortunate to work with Marty Kearns as producer/engineer.  Marty recently worked on the stellar debut of the Dappled Grays album, “Doin’ My Job”, and has played/worked with Shawn Mullins, Drivin’ & Cryin’, Sister Hazel, among many others.  Needless to say, we are very thrilled to be working with Marty! 

Tomorrow we will set mics, levels, etc. and figure out the best working arrangement for the band.  Then we begin laying down rhythm tracks.  Sunday we hope to have a lot of the prelim work out of the way, so we can get a lot done and end the weekend with all rhythm tracks completed and ready for the next phase.  

This project is something we’ve wanted to do for while, but it simply would not have become reality without our “angel investor” who has taken a keen interest in our music, and at thier request, shall remain nameless, but whose kindness has BLOWN US AWAY!!!!!!  THANKS for your love and support!!!   I’ll be updating the blog a lot during the next couple of months as we go through this process.  It’s something we hope you’ll join us on, check back in a time or two, and leave a comment (suggest a name for the CD??). Also, Kitty Ray Swain, of Cat’s Eye Studio, (the band’s official photographed…and Buckethead Jones’ better half ) will be taking pictures and video that we’ll post along with the running monologue.   We are giddy with excitement!! Stay tuned!


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