January 15, 2008

FourVusTrack is rolling…doing fine…can’t screw this up…it’s going so well…everybody’s “on”…half way there…don’t let it be me…read the page… almost home…don’t lose my plaaaace….con-cen-trrraate….ARRRGH! Dammit!!!!”Okay”…”Take Six.” “Sorry, boys”

11 hours on Sunday. 11. Totally brain-fried from 2 days of intense concentration. I melted into the back of my eyelids for ten uninterrupted hours . We captured 12 tracks, everything we set out to do, and finished up about 7:15 Sunday night. This weekend we’ll begin laying down vocals, on which we pride ourselves …this oughta be interesting. Glad we’re friends, er, well…at least till Saturday.

One very cool development to note: As of today, Susan Walker has agreed to do the artwork for the CD!! Now, at least we KNOW it’ll LOOK great!


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