Local Vocals

January 19, 2008

PianoTrioLast night we practiced vocals on all the tracks in preparation for laying ’em down all day tomorrow and Sunday. Mark had the roughed out rhythm tracks from last weekend’s sessions so we didn’ t play any instruments…just sang over the roughs. For us, vocals should be our strong suit, but there is something to the knack of being totally relaxed and letting your ear take over and your pipes ring. It is not as easily done when you know its going to be captured. We got good practice at it because Kitty was walking around filming us the entire night. It’s unnerving when you are on camera, any camera. Still never felt right. We’re gonna go as long tomorrow as our vocal chords hold up. Think I might sneak in some scotch whiskey tomorrow….Note the cool picture from Kitty Ray with the reflections in the piano…


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