The Vocal Sessions

January 21, 2008

Vocals The poet Thomas Moore wrote, “Humility, that low, sweet root, From which all heavenly virtues shoot.”

Bluegrass music is the definition of synergy. When we sing together around a single mic, the voices meld into a musical alloy, one voice indistinguishable from another. But unhinge them from thier blend, isolate them into separate rooms, strip them of any effects and hwoooooo (hey, even singing in the shower comes with tile wall reverb!)….it quickly becomes a humbling experience. The mic doesn’t care. It captures everything that comes out and nothing that doesn’t. You cannot hide. It’s like an audio mirror and your voice is buck naked with all the lights on. After each completed “take”, we march in Marty’s studio to face the music, as it were, and cringe and contort as he plays back the raw feed. Ugh. But therein lies the sweet root. It helps us really appreciate “the blend”. It’ll make us a better band on stage. It’ll help us in Telluride this Summer. From humility comes true appreciation.

Speaking of appreciation, if you ever wanna see a pro’s pro at work, watch Marty Kearns. We heard Marty was good, hence our hiring of him, but none of us had any idea he is as skilled as he is. He’s amazing. The guy is an absolute magician at editing sound. We laid down 9 tracks this weekend; 3 Saturday, 6 Sunday, and it was all we could do. We were spent. We’ll take two weeks off, regroup and finish up vocals before working on instrumental solos at the first of February.



  1. In a minimum of words, you are conveying the tensions, pressure, and coordination necessary for creating a CD. Thank you for taking us along on the journey.

  2. In a minimum of words you are conveying the tensions, pressure, coordination and excitement of creating a CD. Thank you for taking us along on this fascinating journey!

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