ornery children

January 23, 2008

rut-hands.jpgWorking with your fingers to get them to do as you wish them to do is like disciplining ornery children.  (I like “ornery” …good bluegrassy adjective).  No matter how many times you tell’em….well, you get the idea.   

 We’re all working behind the scenes on our upcoming solo work and, like Doc Watson sings, it can get a lil “teejus” (another good’n).   Most every night after the fire drill that is putting said ornery younguns to bed, I trot out the cruel metronome and plod through my parts, assay perfection, (which oddly enough tiptoes further and further away…or maybe it’s farther and farther??Anywhoo…)  cuss my digits for an hour or so, and then I gotta cut some z’s.  Damn day job. 

We lay down the solo parts and finish up the vocals on Feb. 2-3.  One note: we are looking at mid-May for a CD Release Party at the Redlight Cafe, date tbd.  The orginal date of March 3rd ain’t happnin’ if you knowhadamean.  I hope you’ll join us!

Susan has two mock-ups ready for the CD cover.  Thinkin’ about putting up for vote here.  If we did, would you give us some feedback? 



  1. I am thrilled to hear that you guys are putting a cd together. You sure made an impression on this Bluegrass gal when you played here at Red Top Mountain last summer. I already have folks asking for you for this year. Hope we can get that worked out. I will be first in line for a copy of that cd.

    Keep up the great work fella’s. If the cd sounds even half as you all do live, it ought to go straight to the top of the charts.

  2. Thanks, Janice!! We are excited about returning to RedTop Mountain this summer. We had a blast…one of the best venues in the state. see you soon!

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