Two roads diverged…

January 27, 2008


We’d love your input. We’ve got two designs for the CD cover. Which do you like and why? One of these will be “it”. Thanks for your feedback!



  1. Enjoyed reading the recent recording ramblings. Can’t wait for the finished product and Hoe Down – not “Ho, go down” – fo rthe release party!

    I’m definately in the left, blue sky, blue grass cover. First, the band’s name just pops off the image. Second, you have to love the blue grass image – as obvious as it is, I don’t recall seeing it anywhere. Last I love the lighting like a clear morning dawn of great things coming.

    I like the other but the guitar is muddied and unidentifiyable until one blows the image up. Two, the coloring looks too close to CSN’s Deja Vu album and you already have that association so now it looks like you might have some weird obsession with Teach Your Children or something.

    You asked….

  2. Normally don’t lean to the left a whole lot (except after a couple dranks, in which case I’m actually leaning left and right). However, the one on the left is the prize winner. The other is too dark and the name doesn’t stick out and grab me. The blue background is a much better contrast. Good luck in the studio-Keep Yoko out.

  3. Thanks, fellers. Banjo Boy thinks we should give it a title. He likes “Aquarium Fescue Unit”. so do I…that’s only because “Tastes like Pickin” is just too darn wacky….

  4. Hey boys,

    Love the one on the right — nice color, nice texture. Subdued fretboard and guitar body makes the image more interactive .

    The one on the left looks like something anybody with PhotoShop could produce . . . a little fill here, a little effect there . . . you get the picture — it looks amateurish. And it’s too literal.

  5. Turn to the right. I like the flow. It may not attract the eye but once there it is more appealing.

  6. I like the one on the left. i like the literal of the blue grass and I like the clean, crisp, color and makes me want to go right outside and listen to some bluegrass and Frolic!

  7. the one on the left gets my vote, right is banal. plus, get this: it has grass that is blue. blue, grass…bluegrass get it? bet you never thought of that.

  8. I like the blue sky/grass cover–it jumps out at me! And from a purely practical perspective, if I am flipping through a rack of CDs at a festival or in a music store display, the blue one will stand out far better, the brown cover may just get glossed over, and hey, you wanna get folks’ attention! Your CD has gotta compete with a LOT of others, and your music deserves to get attention!!!

  9. The one on the left is the choice for sure.

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