Immutable law of the Universe #19

February 2, 2008

magnet-repelling-similar-poles-aa003813.jpgA thing’s ability to attract cannot exceed it’s ability to repel. 

Thanks for all the feedback on the CD cover!   The strong opinions either way on the CD cover art let’s us know that we are on the right track.  The favorite is becoming clear. The DJB boys are back at it today, finishing vocals up and beginning the tedium of getting solo work done.  Dr. Banjo Boy is keeping us on track and we should be rolling through the final depot soon. 

 (Can you tell I’m just back from drinking special Kool-aid in Austin?…speaking of which, click here for a quick mind trip from my new friend, slam poet Peter Nevland)



  1. Like the blue cover – reinforces the name. Striking. Easy to see on the shelf.

  2. Thanks, Doug!

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