Putting it all back together

February 6, 2008


So now we find ourselves in an interesting position. This Saturday, we have a gig.    Like a real gig… at the Trolley Barn in Inman Park.  After a month of peel-n-stick song construction, we’ve actually gotta act like a real band, put a song list together and pick and sing.   Which we’ll do with a smile (but I bet we don’t many songs from the CD!   Familiarity breeds contempt!)

We finished all 13 tracks on Saturday. We’ll fill in solos, mix, and master over the next few weeks…and now we’re getting together at Keehi (Mark’s studio) and practicing on Thursday night.

PS- Heard a good one this weekend…. Electile Dysfunction: the inability to be aroused by any of the presidential candidates. 



  1. Hey … enjoy keeping up with ya’ll on the blog. I’m listening to Zepplin today … have you ever tried playing “hotdog” from In Through The Out Door. Not for every sort of gig, but I bet you guys could make it great!

  2. send us an mp3! You know us, we’ll try anything once! 😉 Thanks for checkin’ in!

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