February 11, 2008

We knocked off a little bit of rust on Saturday night.  It was good to get gigging again.  Our first one in’08…the crowd enjoyed us so that made it fun.   There’s a bevy of bluegrass bands in Atlanta with near perfect pickers, but what we lack in musicianship we make up in planning and execution, prediction and anticipation.  We make sure our gigs come off well and everyone has a blast.  The best remedy for rustiness is giggin’ and more giggin’, but for us, there’s more to live gigs than just practicing.  Heaven knows we’ve practiced. Slogging in the studio, picking in pairs, and plying in private.   But studio work is mostly an exercise in individualism…and giggin’, well…ain’t.  Practice is not rehearsal.  There’s the anticipation of the kind of crowd.  There’s the selection of the set list; how it will ebb and flow. When to let it breath and when to leave’em breathless.  How to space our strongest songs and not want for more meaty music by the end.  Predictablity is the enemy, but a wee bit of familiarity is fundamental.  We gnash over harmony arrangements to make sure they “pop”.  These are the things we think through in our Thursday skull sessions.  

And so we shelve our sessions for a couple weeks as we all go different directions and we’ll reconvene to do our final solo work at the end of the month. 


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