March 7, 2008

Sunday, Joey commented on my natty attire for my mando sessions. Here’s my picture. How do I look?

I now know why there are studio musicians, and performing musicians. It seems to me that performance is judged on the totality of the experience. Was the vibe right? Were the musicians having fun? Was there good energy from the band/performer? Having just laid down my mandolin solo parts, I have new respect ( not that we didn’t before) for studio musicians. Man, to sit there and painstakingly lay down take after take after take after take, and kid myself in thinking that “I’ll get it perfect next time”. And as much as I hear a Skaggs kinda riff coming from in head, the same ole rough riffs still keep fumbling from my fingers as I wrestle that 8-stringed anaconda. Curses! Thank heavens for the crafty skills of a good editor. Mark and Marty have combined to make it sound pretty darn good. Keith comes in on the 16th and burn up the rosin for the last little instrumental icing. Then it’s getting eq levels right, and any other little tweaks and off to the master mixer, (whoever that is). One last addition…we’ve all agreed to add Joey’s “Bucket Full o’Rain” on the CD, for a nice, totally original tune. We’ll cut the entire song: rhythm, vocals, solos, edits, etc in one day.  Should be interesting. Thanks for staying in touch.


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