recognize these guys?

March 8, 2008

I  was watching a video of Infamous Stringdusters from Telluride ’07 and stumbled upon this clip. Last year as we were standing in line getting ready for the famed Telluride Tarp run, someone must have filmed a snippet of Mark, Joey, and me fooling around pickin’ and killing time.  :24 worth anyway.  We jammed every night in the alcoves of the downtown shopping district (and unlike this clip, we are actually playing music) Man,  I cannot wait for Telluride ’08!



  1. There is a certin sofisticatin way bout’ ya’ll that will win over the critics and gureentee victory in Telluride. I hope that I git to share the expirience.

  2. Clearly the post-dawn pickin’ session for you three to be up.. or had y’all been going all night?

    Gwanna be a big time this year!

    Love the earlier ramblings…you? digress?

  3. Loook at the syze’ahthat boiz HEEED

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