are you done yet?!?

March 18, 2008

this oughta be interesting. I’m posting this without having the foggiest idea if it’s correct or not. You see, I’m in a hotel in Tampa posting from my phone, but my stinkin’ screen is so messed up that I can’t see what I’m typing, so if @I forget what I meant to say or need to edit, I’m screwed. so what you are getting here is complete stream of consciousness through a cellphone without the luxury of seeing what I type. See? there…I just stoppped to scratch myself and I have no idea where I was going next. anywhoo, we are finished with all human imusical input on the CD. We cut “Bucket Full “l Rain yesterday, and Leah Calvert did her guest vocals on “Don’t Knock” on Saturday. (Ccannot WAIT to hear that). So now it’s up to our producer, Buckethead, and engineer Marty to make us sound worth a …lost my train of thought again…damn phone. We’re gonna print up some cool T-Shirt for TellurideM but we need a cool catchy phrase on the back. Any suggestions? (course, I couldn’t see ’em if you sent’m anyway. It’s like the whole friggin’ world can see my blog but me. By the way, there is some funny video of Keith floating around out there in cyberspace that I’ll have to post…sort of a “before they were stars” look at our fiddler. Don’t ya just love desktop internet publishing? you can declare yourself a star and have it be “so”. still don’t have the boy’s bio up so I’m just gonna create a character for Keith and make him larger than life. I’m gonna say he was the first fiddle player ever to play in the Pride Festival here in Atlanta…see how this works. Course he could be the first banjo picker at Pride, if Buckethead had not taken that mantle. somebody shoot me…


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