“Bucket Full of Rain”…

April 2, 2008


…Is gonna be the title! We collectively decided to name it after the song Joey wrote with a buddy (which, of course, is on the album). All of us have been going back and forth via email on song selection, placement, grouping, order, etc. and chiming in on what should go where and why. We’ve hired Larry Anthony to master it. Our Producer, Buckethead, (no relation) is pleased with Larry’s assessment of our work and is looking forward to working with him. He’s made some excellent suggestions on spacing, grouping, etc. that will really make a difference in the sound and presentation. We have all listened to the final mixdown umpteen times and are all getting excited about the finished product. Won’t be long before it’s off to the production house to be wrapped. Susan is putting the final touches on the artwork, and once we have a final song order,(which is almost done, save a couple tweaks) she’ll be able to finish laying in the font choice and text, etc.

The full band will rehearse again on Friday night in preparation for the 32nd Annual PeachBlossom Festival this Saturday. We go on at 7pm, followed by Cedar Hill, and then the fabulous Carrie Hassler and Hard Rain. Come join us!


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