Creative Loafing on The DjBGB, etc.

May 29, 2008

Erin Everhart did a nice piece on us on the Creative Loafing website, for which we are grateful!   Erin came  to the CD Release at the Redlight and reviewed our show.   Always a little nerve racking when someone reviews your work, but she was very kind!   Particularly since we were debuting some new original material.  Keith got a lotta love in the article, which was well deserved.  He was “on” to say the least and Erin picked up on it. 

We had another interesting request from a Canadian Radio Station, CKWR in Waterloo, Ontario, and the hosts of “Bluegrass Express:  They requested a CD so we sent one to ’em.  Who knows…maybe we’ll show up on Canadian Radio, ey?

For the next few weeks, all arrows point to Telluride. We’ve got a gig at RedTop Mountain State Park on June 7th, and we’ll be well prepared, but the focus now turns the Bluegrass Band Competition in Telluride.  We’ve carved out a rehearsal schedule and will focus on breaking apart each song meticulously crafting our harmony parts making sure we don’t miss a note.  We’re gonna give it our best shot and see what happens out there.  When we get closer, I’ll do a twice daily update leading up to the competition, beginning June 18th.  We’ll try and put up some video on YouTube as well.  



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