Red Top stride to Telluride

June 8, 2008

Great crowd at the Red Top Mountain Bluegrass Series tonight.  It was one of our better gigs, if I do say so.  We’ve been rehearsing around a single mic set up preparing for the Telluride Bluegrass Competition and it is paying dividends.  The ease with which we moved around the mic was surprising and we will only get better.  As Dr. Jones says, we are “woodshedding” it for Telluride now and we treated tonight as a live dress rehearsal.  We began the set with the top 6 songs we have picked for Telluride (though we haven’t settled on exactly what the songs we’ll compete with are just yet, we’re getting a better idea now.)  

Special shout-out to Ranger Janice up at Red Top Mountain State Park.  She treats us well, and we had a great time up there tonight…, and that is the best venue we play all year.   We’ll be back up that way on July 12th, so I hope you’ll join us.  I’ll try and get Kitty to send me a pic to post of the gig.  It was HOT but the crowd was very receptive and kind.  We sold a good many CD’s and had lots of great feedback.  Hope to see you up there next month on the 12th!

By the way, the WRFG interview with DjBGB is up on the Schweet sounds management sight. 




  1. We sure enjoyed the show at Red Top. It was great last year, and we were even more impressed this time around. I’m sure you’re right, that the practice for Telluride is paying off!

    I don’t know if you remember the energetic little blond mop-top boy dancing like crazy at the end of your set, but that was our 5 year old Gideon. He, sister Trinity (7) and brother Ransom (10) have not stopped listening to your CD since we left the park. They surprised me the other day as we walked through the grocery store…when they all broke out in an a cappella version of Morning Sky and followed it up with part of Loggin Man! This is not your usual bluegrass crowd, and you can take it as a real compliment that they are so enthralled with your music. We’re all enjoying it. Good luck in Telluride and see you in July!

  2. Thanks for listening, Lisa! Hope to see you on July 12th back at RedTop. Spread the word!!


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