Okay, here goes nothin’

June 20, 2008

Mark / Rut Backstage at Telluride Bluegrass Competition
Mark and Rut backstage at the Elks Park stage as we were about to go on stage.

Well, here we go. We’ve assembled in Mark’s condo and warmed up our vocals, made last minute tweaks, and now we are heading down to the Elks Park stage. As soon as I hit “SEND I’m walking out the door. I will post some pictures and hopefully some video. Wish us luck!

EDIT 11:06 local time. We drew #11 out of 12 so we are close to the end. Good for us, I think, because I’d much rather be at the end to leave a lasting impression than to be sandwiched in the middle somewhere. We’re back at the condos while our Dejagroupies are texting us to tell us what number band is on the stage. We’re only a short walk from the park so we’ll leave in about 5 minutes.

EDIT 12:40 local time. Just back from the stage! I thought we had a great show, though there were several reeeeally good bands. Our goal is, of course, to make it to the main stage tomorrow, so we have to be one of the top 4 they choose. I think there are about 6 bands that have a real shot, and I think we’re one of them, based on our performance today. That’s the best we could do, so I think we’ll be at peace with whatever happens. The judges vote now and they will announce the 4 finalists at 1:30 local time (3:30 EDT). It’ll take me till about 2pm to post the results. Stay tuned!


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  1. Waiting for result……

    Sending good vibes.

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