We took 2nd!

June 21, 2008

DjBGB on stage at Telluride
Keith, Rut, Joey, Mark, Lynwood on the mainstage at Telluride!

DjBGB on stage 2
Singin’ harmony at Telluride

TBGF mainstage sign
Mainstage sign

Wow! What a thrill to be up there playing where so many fantastic bands have done their thing. I’m having trouble organizing my thoughts so I’ll apologize for rambling.

We started this morning by gathering on the bridge at 8:30AM to be escorted backstage. We met and mingled with the other bands while everyone was milling around. After being addressed about stage rules, itinerary, etc. we all migrated to different places behind the stage to practice. We drew third of four bands. It was over so fast my head was spinning. Before I knew what happened, we were out there introducing ourselves and hitting the downstroke on “Gold Paper Sides”, an original gospel waltz. We followed up with our own version of “Panhandle Rag” and finished up with “Little Bit of Life”…and just like that we were done.

Two of the three judges sought us out backstage and we talked to them for about 20 minutes. We got one first place vote and two seconds, so we were glad to get some feedback. One judge (the one who voted us first) told us that we had the best harmonies he’d heard all weekend. Both guys were very complimentary and, truth be told, gave us feedback that we already knew to be true. As a band, we are pretty self aware and manage egos well, so we knew all to well our strengths and challenges. Lynwood stepped in on the bass like a pro, but the best thing he did for us was the perspective he gave us. We’ve taken to calling him “Zenwood” because his outlook is so right on. What a treat to play with a guy like that!

The band that won, Blue Canyon Boys, from Denver were flat-out spectacular. That we were in contention with a band like that was very encouraging, because those boys killed it. I’m definitely flattered to be considered in the same ballpark, and I will be buying their cd and taking it back east with us. They did a Monroe-style version of Cheap Trick’s “I want you to want me” that was stunning. They layered their vocals one-two-three on the “didn’t I didn’t I didn’t I hear you cryin’…”. It was just fantastic. We’ll be keeping an eye on them because they really had it going on. Great guys, too. One thing about bluegrass bands I’ve learned after playing in one for three years…some of the most gracious people on earth. We all decided to meet back up tonight and street jam together.

Overall, we are just thrilled with what happened. That was quite a rush up there playing on stage and I know I speak for the entire band, when I say that it will make us a better band in the future. Lastly, we have the best friends in the world!! Kitty Ray has been chronicling the entire weekend in high-def video, and we’ve had incredible support from Susan, Beth, Judi, Morgan, Marianna, Kyle, Katherine, Tom, Mark, Juliette, Bubba, Josh, Margaret, Bo, Sherrie, Brian, Karen, Kim, Ernie and Kay from Ohio, Michael and crew from Denver, and everyone else we met all through this gorgeous piece of the earth.



  1. You guys are winners – big time!
    Congratulations for all your hard work and dedication to a solid bluegrass sound and performance.
    Rut, glad to hear “Gold Paper Sides” was included. Pat sent me your recording and lyrics. It’s a beautiful song!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! How fabulous to have first made the top four and then…place 2nd!! Your first time in too, right?? Can we get a CD of the performance? And hooray to the wives for the part they played in your success.

  3. Congratulations! That is fantastic news. I look forward to hearing more details. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  4. Congrats guys! Glad to hear the trip was a success!

  5. I new yall wood do rite well. U caint keep dat kin o talent down. Im very dern prooud. wish id ben der.

  6. The SouthEastern Bluegrass Association (SEBA) is very proud of your tremendous accomplishment. Good Job! Your CD release party at the Redlight Cafe in Atlante last May made me a fan. Keep up the good playing and great work pursuing the “bluegrass lifestyle” with vigor.


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