Cheers to the DejaBlueCrue

June 24, 2008

dejablue crew
The DejaBlueCrue front and center at the mainstage at the TBF

Mark Joey Lynwood in a two peace
Mark, Lynwood, and Joey in a “two peace” celebrating the DejaBlue Grass Band finishing 2nd at TBF

Just back from Telluride. We wanted to give a special shout out to the best friends in the WORLD!!!!!We were well represented at the TBF. We had great support all weekend, not only from the Atlanta crew, but we picked up several Dejagroupies while we where there. I saw many “DejaBlue Grass Band” bumperstickers on hats, chairs, tarps,….even saw one on the clipboard of the festival crew chief. For that we are very grateful. We’ll be posting some youtube video once we all get our cameras downloaded. I hope ya’ll keep in touch.



  1. As part of the “Crue” I can say it was an honor and a ton of fun to be a part of this whole weekend. Y’all were collectively fanatastic and representing the South very well. I’m sorry Todd wasn’t there but glad Zenwood could fill in. Looking forward to many more DBGB good times!

  2. Oh, and your clock is off by about four hours. Kind of how I feel!

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