Reality Bites

June 25, 2008

DjBGB w/ Time O'Brien
The DjBGB backstage at the 35th Annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival with one of our heroes, Tim O’Brien.

Alas, I return to my urban cage. My designer noose firmly back in place. Ugh. I’m missing the mountains already.

I wanted to share a cool pic Kitty took of the band with Tim O’Brien. Tim is my favorite voice in bluegrass, so it was quite a thrill. I saw (and chuckled at) his shirt before I knew it was him. He had a shirt on that said in small type “Banjo players are like, really hot” – Paris Hilton. I said, “love the shir….hey! you’re Tim O’Brien!”

Also, check these two videos out. One is of the HUGE marshmallow fight that broke out Sunday as The Swell Season played on stage

and this one of the dollop size snow, almost hail like, that fell during the TBF as The Duhks were playing while the temperature hovered around 77.


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