Nice pub on the DjBGB! :^)

July 11, 2008

DjB getting good pub!
The DejaBlue Grass Band has been getting a lotta nice publicity these days! In the AJC.com Music Scene blog today!  Check it out! Thanks to Sonia Murray for publishing the story on her blog! 

Creative Loafing also chimes in on the DjBGB in today’s Creative Loafing Crib Notes in a nice article by Erin Everhart on our showing in Telluride.

Also, the band will be interviewed by CNN Radio tomorrow to be aired sometime in the future. Will try to post a link or audio file as soon as I know something. 

Our own missing person, Mark “Buckethead” Jones, did an interview with his hometown newspaper in Cedar City, UT. It will be published in the neighborhood section on July 16th.  Hometown boy done good!

We had a great practice last night getting ready for the gig on Saturday at Red Top.  Todd’s gonna sing a new one we worked up and we may have as many as two new originals to debut.  Since the runner-up finish in Telluride, we are beginning to see some really nice opportunities come our way.  Very exciting over here in DejaBlue Grass Bandland!  Thanks for being a part of it!


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