Shoot me when I’m too old for dancin’

July 14, 2008

kids dancing at Red Top Mountain
Kids kickin’ it bluegrass style on Red Top Mountain

We had a great time playing Red Top Mountain last night!! There must have been 500 people there, and TONS of kids! Nothin’ better than making music while kids are dancing (unless, of course, it’s making kids while the music is dancing 😉 . Dancing is the soul’s way of telling everybody “it’s all good!” and I defy you to have a bad time where there are kids cuttin’ a rug. We were very loose last night and it was good to get back to just having fun. Prepping for Telluride did us a lot of good as a band but it can gitcha a little up tight if you let it. Last night we just let it all hang out and had fun. Our set list was quite different than normal, we tried new intros to songs and pulled out some material we haven’t done in a long time. We also tried some new stuff including a smokin’ new song Todd brought to the band called “These Old Blues” (my favorite from last night). We’ve had “tighter” gigs as a band, but I can’t remember when we’ve had as much fun. Thanks to everybody who made the trek! (What a great little get away so close to Atlanta, huh? I was home in 45 minutes)

DjBGB on RedTop Mountain
DjBGB on RedTop Mountain

Speaking of the venue, I hope Ranger Janice gets to put the Mountain Music Series on again next year (GA State Parks is facing budget cuts and unfortunately they look at these kind of things to cut). She’s a great lady, and this Mountain Music Series is a good thing! There aren’t a lot of places like it, and many of our favorite Atlanta bluegrass bands play there. I think we’re gonna donate a little money to Friends of Red Top Mountain. . It’s a great place, and I’d hate to see that series go away. It’s one of our favorite places to play anywhere.



  1. Boys of DejaBlue! We LOVED the Saturday performance at RedTop!! It was invigorating, uplifting and well…we danced till our legs gave out! Looking forward to catching another show!

  2. Thank you, Mary Janice, for listening!


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