One of our “Better Mornings”

July 16, 2008

What a trip! The DejaBlue Grass Band played David Rawlings “I Hear Them All” off of our album “Bucket Full of Rain” live on the set of CBS Atlanta’s morning show “Better Mornings”. The segment will air next Friday morning (7/25) between 5AM-7AM. Bluegrass for Breakfast, anyone?
DjBGB monitors
Truly “Blue” Grass, don’t you think?

DjBGB rehearses before we go live
Hatless rehearsal to get the sound right

About to go “live”

We’ll post a copy of the video as soon as they put the link up on their website. Thanks to Kitty Ray for all the great photos!! And double thanks to Sherry Fallin Simmons and Mary Eva Tredway from Duffey Communications for making it all happen!!!



  1. well, well, ya’ll have gone big time now. congrats on the good press.( I hope you plugged the new album) Ya’ll need to make some of yur gigs avalable. It wood be greeeet for us (out-o-town-er-s) that aint neber get to heer ya’ll live. (just a thinkin)

  2. We’re a little light in the gig department, for sure. We’ll post some gigs in the coming weeks. August we vacation and get our sheet together for the Fall season…so I can pick a lil’ between football games 😉

  3. […] Band will have to wait, I guess. CBS Atlanta’s “Better Mornings” never aired our segment on Friday . Until then, you’ll have to settle for cereal, I guess. Or maybe they’ll never air it […]

  4. […] I believe the “live” broadcast on CBS Atlanta’s “Better Mornings” will finally air tomorrow (8/19) between 6:15 and 6:30AM. I’ll try and capture it and put it […]

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