Taking Notes

July 26, 2008

The band is off in different directions for different reasons at the present, as late July/August is just too damn hot to play bluegrass…unless of course someone hires us to. :^D

After Telluride, Mark and I made a pact to actually learn how to play these wooden things we carry around with us on stage. I figured I might as well start at the top, so I picked the best damn mando picker I’ve ever seen to teach me:Michael Smith from The Dappled Grays, Hey, go big or go home, right? I stayed up all hours last night trying to digest what little would stick in my skull. Pattern recognition, double-stops, arpeggios, and a few cool licks for good measure. Got my work cut out for me.

Banjo Boy is now officially Secret Patent Agent Man (S.P.A.M.) having aced his patent bar exam and is back among the living, (until he decides to go become a cardiothoracic surgeon or something…entirely possible if you know’im). We surprised him with an impromptu party on Tuesday to celebrate. You’ll find him pickin’ Saturday at the 5th Street Bluegrass Festival in Atlanta this Saturday doin’ his thing.

Todd is usually plotting a pilgrimmage to his next Bluegrass jubilee ’bout this time. The boy’s been to more festivals than funnel cake. He’s got a killer set up for the road, too. I’ve got serious “camper envy” after seeing his rig…got me hankering to pull the trigger on a fifth-wheel. Gotta have electricity. My wife’s an adventurous spirit to be sure, and up for anything, but with a few limits. Her motto for exploring: “To boldly go where no hair-dryer has gone before!”

Keith said the other night he’s so excited he’s getting out the fiddle and actually practicing (as if he needs it). If he gets too brushed up on that thing the symphony may come calling. Good thing for the DejaBlue Grass Band that Blackshear, Georgia has yet to get an orchestra. He’s the Richard Petty of fiddlers and I might use my advertising contacts to make Keith the first bow string bandit with corporate sponsorship. My first target: “Red Stripe Beer”.

Joey is busy connecting the entire world through social networking. Having conquered the first and second-world countries, word has it he found out there’s a blind man in Laos with no hands, and he’s off to figure out a web solution for him. A worldly man…multi-faceted, too. Bet you didn’t know Joey once averaged 63.5 yards per punt one year for the homestate Gamecocks, did ya now? Who knew??

We’re getting back together soon to begin working on some original material as well as new stuff to freshen up the set list, and entertaining some cool opportunities that are coming our way. By the way, we’ll be featured in a story in the Dekalb Neighbor this week. Pick it up if it lands in your driveway. That’s where mine usually does!


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