Mo’ better days

July 28, 2008

Mo and da madies
Mo, seen in his usual setting, draped with hotties

A great friend to the band, Edward Morgan The Angry Toastmaster Shallcross, celebrated a birthday last night and some of the band was on hand to celebrate and to lampoon him with music and mayhem. He was completely fooled….a rarity in surprise-party-land. It’s not polite to tell someone’s age, particularly a friend, so I’ll just say that it was a nifty, thrifty, and somewhat shifty party. (and for the life of me, I think those are the only 3 words in the english language that rhyme with….well, nevermind)

With 3+ generations on hand to celebrate, the revelation that came to pass on to the younger folk was that we still like to party like we used to, we just do it with better booze and more soluble fiber.


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