Pigs kin

August 8, 2008

DjBGB with John Willingham at Ribs, Etc.

I get a kick outta the ubiquitous smiling pig icon at barbecue joints. Not an original observation by any means, but a cruel irony for sure….but as you can see from the picture, Ribs, Etc. has more than their share of pig paraphernalia.

Thanks to the DejaBlueCrue who came out last night. It was fun playing with one of our homeboys, Johnny-Be-Willingham. Good little crowd. Loose gig. We had six of us crammed around one single mic last night. We were shuffling in and out like redneck folklorico.

I walked in before the gig to find Keith tazmanian-deviling some ‘cue. That swine never had a chance. I told him to stop when he got to the crunchy part…that’s the plate. Been there, myself before. “Ribs” is some of the better ‘cue in the ATL. And I know good cue…my home state has more barbecue joints per capita than any state in the union. “Ribs” serves up a mean 420 on tap, too. Good people over there. Go see’um.

Keith musta gotten some pig juice on those fingers cause he greased up solo after slip slidin’ solo. Not a better fiddler in these parts, I guar-own-tee. We debuted a new tune that Todd brought to the band called “Steel Rail Rider” originally done (if my Google skills didn’t fail me) by Junior Sisk. It’s a keeper.

We’re working from now till Sunday, Sept 7th on original material and tightening up a hard set of music. We open that night for a fantastic band out of Chicago called “Cornmeal” at Smith’s Olde Bar. We need to be on our game that night. Hope you’ll come out!


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