Things you learn at an outdoor concert

August 25, 2008


You’re ten years above mean age, and in a pensive mood at a Jack Johnson concert at Lakewood Amphitheatre about 10 days ago.   One of Jack’s albums lives in your iPod, but you’re not (what, in radio, they call) a “P1” of his music, so you’re familiarizing yourself with just what kind of crowd he pulls.  You’re on the lawn, overlooking a milkyway of cellphone screens that stretches wall-to-wall all the way to the stage. The place is PACKED,…must be twenty-thousand people there. At any given moment, about one in eight people is thumbing a message to a friend,  but you notice that the more popular the song he plays, the fewer cell lights you see smattered about the crowd.  Then the nanosecond Jack slips into a deeper, less familiar cut, a collective ADD grips the group and the blue hued screens explode like microwave popcorn at about the 2-minute mark. 

Speaking of big crowds and outdoor concerts, we hope you’ll use all the technology at your disposal to invite everybody you know to join the DejaBlue Grass Band and Farmland Band on Saturday, September 6th at Pullman Yard in Kirkwood.   Farmland Band starts at 7:30 and we go on after them.  It’s a funky cool new outdoor venue, and we want to pull a huge crowd to get it off to a good start.  We’re working on LOTS of fresh new original material and this is going to be a special show!!  It’s an all ages show, only $5 a head and it’s BYOB.  Please come join us!


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