Important info on Saturday at Pullman Yards

September 2, 2008

I went and checked out the site of Saturday’s twin bill with Smokey’s Farmland Band. It is not AT Pullman Yard. It’s across the street from Pullman Yard behind a Real Estate office. The address is 112 Rogers St. 30317. Here’s a picture of the house/office and the street sign so you’ll know it when you see it. Send this blog link to anyone you know who is coming, because it took me a couple trips up and down the road to find it. There will be a marquee, but it’s not a “venue”, so to speak.

gig site on Rogers Street
street sign in front of the venue

It’s gonna be more like an funky intown backyard bash…or As I was explaining this to my wife, she said “sounds like it’s gonna be like a ‘Judi Party'” referring to the kickin’ parties hosted by Miss Judi Jacobs in the backyard at her Inman Park crib. “Exactly!”, I said.

They’ve built a stage in the back, and there is PLENTY of room for a big crowd. Lots of cool yard art and eclectic schtuff. Remember it is BYOB!! See you Saturday!


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