Back at’em

September 10, 2008

DjBGB @ Pullman Yards (photo by Kitty Ray Swain)
DjBGB under the stars at Pullman Yard (Photo by Kitty Ray Swain)

Been under the weather for the past couple of days, (hence the tardiness of this post) but I was under the stars this past weekend at a funkifried venue in Kirkwood called Pullman Yards. A couple of guys bought a spot across the street from a dilapidated old freight yard and turned it into a indoor outdoor venue for music and arts. Very cool. Gentrification is starting to sniff around the corner and turn over some rocks on Rogers Street. Won’t be long now. I think they’ve got a great thing going there.

We gigged with Smokey’s Farmland Band. Those guys have a tight sound and flatpicker on guitar that can flat tear it up. Well worth spending an evening with, if you haven’t heard ’em. I hope we gig with those guys again sometime. We had a good crowd as you can see from the picture. Lotta kids. Always good to see the kids dancing.

DjBGB @ Smith's Olde Bar (Photo by Kittry Ray Swain)
DejaBlue Grass Band opened for CornMeal Sunday at Smith’s Olde Bar (photo by Kitty Ray Swain)

Sunday We opened for a killer group outta Chicago called Cornmeal at Smith’s Olde Bar in Midtown Atlanta. We were a little (hell, who am I kidding…a lot) rusty on Saturday night, but we paired down our set list to a “power set” and we had one of our best shows ever. Funny how that works. No matter what we did Saturday night, we couldn’t quite get there, but Sunday was a different story. We had our game, and so did Cornmeal. I was wishing I could slip into a Friday night there because I would have stayed all night. They were fantastic. Check them out when you get a chance (see below)

Cornmeal – Hillbilly Ride


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