You are now friends with The DejaBlue Grass Band

October 4, 2008
DjBGBs Facebook Photo

DjBGB's "Facebook Photo"

A few months ago, Joey sent me an email to join the DejaBlue Grass Band on Facebook.  All that I knew about Facebook at the time, you could squeeze between the margins of a marketing trade magazine article.  I flippantly dismissed it as “mostly for college kids”, but I’m inclined to have a cursory knowledge of such phenomena as “Social Networking” due to my vocation, so I willfully “clicked in” , and made a page for myself,  mostly as a nice, novel way to market the band and that would be that.  I am now totally present to it’s “it”.

The other day I was explaining Facebook to someone equally bemused by it’s popularity…someone about 3 months behind me.  I asked them to consider the possibility of a big party complete with everyone you’ve ever cared to keep up with, at all phases of your life.  Sort of like your 40th surprise party only no one ever leaves.  Third-grade mudpie pals comingling seamlessly with fellow sales staffers. A Tralfamadorian digital dormitory with everyone sharing the common ground, remembering people as they were yet completely understanding and juxtaposing everyone’s own growth personally, intellectually, spiritually, physically, meta-physically. It’s really a strange phenomenon…and it makes for some weird dreams. Perhaps it strikes you the same way.


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