Gettin’ colder!

November 18, 2008
Just out of the frrrrrreezing cold water in Telluride, June ’08

Gettin’ cold outside…and damned if it doesn’t darken up early, too.  It seems like we were just enjoying the Telluride summer, too.  Like my friend Mary says,… the day after the 4th of July is Christmas.   She’s right. I get the Halloween decorations down about the time I’m ‘spose to start snipping valentines.  Just this Friday night as I enjoyed a years-overdue visit with some pals from highschool, I also realized that the day after you graduate is your 20th reunion.  Or 23rd in my case.  (Unbeknownst to me they’d already seen the Bucket Full of Rain video.     We put this stuff out there and never know who hears or reads it.  Pretty cool. )

Speaking of getting colder and holidays and reunions with old friends, the DejaBlue Grass Band will be reuniting with Olde Dog’s John Willingham for a “Cookies with Santa” fundraiser on Sunday afternoon, December 7th at the American Legion building near Chastain Park.  It’s a kid-friendly chance to see real reigndeer and visit with St. Nick.   Come join us!  It’s a benefit for Children’s Healthcare.   We’ll also be playing a special private party for a friend in Dallas, GA on December 12th.   We put on a good holiday show, complete with our roaring rendition of “Mr. Grinch”.   If you hire us for a Christmas party and we promise to make your Kringle jingle! ‘Specially if its cold!


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