The Dirty Days of Christmas

December 8, 2008
Dirty Santa

Dirty Santa

The times of whiskey-soaked Ned from Accounts Receivable holding an elf hat over his zipper at the office Christmas party and slurring “Hhhhey! Lookhh!!  Santa’s lil hhhhelper!! … Prob’ly gone for good.  YouTube and insurance policies put a final fork in the good ol’ days.   Alas, Generation Y may never know the devilish delight of sniggering at Ned’s Monday morning walk of shame… 

Now, (if you even still have an office party) it’s a cocktail or two, gravitate to the “cool section” for some “this is lame” talk, exchange some stories, make the obligatory kiss-the-ring fly-by to the boss, and you’re outta there.  Well, fear not!  The dirty days ain’t done! The DejaBlue Grass Band wants YOU for a Down and Dirty Holiday Throw Down!!

Saturday December 20th, The DjBGB teams up with the saucy sounds of Heidi Pollyea for a Down and Dirty night of RawGrass and Rock-n-Roll, at the Moon Shadow Tavern in Tucker.  Show starts at 9PM.  This ain’t no coat and tie joint!  We’ve written a few new tunes and distorted some holiday, um, favorites and we promise a raucous good time.  It’s your last chance to blow it out before having to go back to being a good little boy or girl. 

Hope to see you there!!


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