New CD in the works?

January 26, 2009

Enjoy DjBGB live at Moonshadow in Tucker GA…our last gig.

Sorry for the long hiatus, but the band hasn’t been very active in the last few months.  Hell, blame it on the economy, or Bush or sump’m, (I got that idea from every other person on earth)   BUT that all has slowly begun to change as we turn our attention to new original material for what we hope will be a new CD project.  Banjo Boy learned so much from the last CD project that he’s gonna (at least, initially) try and produce this one himself.  He’s got some killer new mobile recording equipment, and we’re gonna try and capture more of a live feel to the next record (can you call’em “records” anymore?  Can’t really call’em “CD’s” since it’s all digital downloads now…I dunno, I digress) .  We’ve been busy the last two or three weeks laying down scratch tracks of original material so that we’ll have something to listen to individually and “burn it in” so that when we get together to practice, there’s a template in our minds.  Kinda have to go that route when everyone has kids and day jobs, and we rehearse as little as we do.   We message the vibe remotely, through Facebook, email, cellphone, etc.   (Although actually TC, MJ, and RW got together for The Travelin’ McCourys” the other night at Smith’s…they were phenomenal). I’ve been calling the new project “DejaBlue Two” for my iTunes library sake anyway.

We’re also looking at some festivals and other gigs as we look to fill the 2009 schedule.  We need to get a gig at Red Light or Eddie’s too,.. if we can.  We’re also looking at teaming up with some of our favorite local groups to try and stir it up with some twin bills.  We had a good time hitching up with Smokey’s Farmland Band last year.  (speaking of…check out SFB and the Dappled Grays on 1/30 at the Five Spot if you’re looking for a fantastic show! two of our favorite bands)

We’ll (read: me) be more active in this space now that there’s activity afront.   Also if you haven’t joined our Facebook fan page, please do!

Thanks for hangin’…


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