For better or for worse

February 16, 2009
Three smiling guys on Telluride...seewhadamean?

Three smiling guys on Telluride...seewhadamean?

As the DejaBlue Grass Band was playing to a rowdy raucous Serenbe wedding crowd full of fun, drinkin’ and dancin’ folks on Saturday night, it occurred to me why I love snow-skiing so much…    Yes, there’s a connection, stay with me.  When you are at such a beautiful place like Telluride (or any ski resort), everyone is in a good mood.   Stop off the slopes, slip off the skis for a sarsaparilla, and I defy you to find a frown.   Won’t happen.  And when you’re surrounded by smiles, it’s absolutely impossible to have a bad time.

Case-in-point: Frazzling into our Friday gig I was fit to be tied when I arrived.  I jettisoned my 6-cylinder sarcophagus, numb from nearly two hours of Atlanta traffic, and bugged my way to the stage.   First thing I did was set my stuff down (10 minutes before we were “on”).  Second thing I did was beg the bartender for a double scotch on the rocks.  I mean I was frrrrried.   My ill temper found my fingers, too.  I couldn’t pick a lick.  All thumbs.  I pulled my hat down low and tried not to poison anyone.  But as the night progressed, the girls in the back began buck dancing, the guys followed suit, and the party soon sashayed toward band, front and center.  This gaggling group was having a big time.  Circling up, clapping, do-se-doin’, Honky-tonkin’ like they didn’t have a care in the world.   Some of the girls and guys  joined us behind the mic for some sing-alongs (one lovely young lady named Stuart could really sing, too. She was fabulous.)   I couldn’t help it.  The band was having a blast, and I was right there with’em, smiling ear-to-ear.  Like I said, it’s absolutely impossible to be in an ill mood when you are in a beautful place (and Serenbe is spectacular) and there are that many people having a good time.   …besides, people who’d hire a bluegrass band for a wedding are our kinda tribe anyway! 😉


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