May 7, 2009

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If you play in a bluegrass band, you’re gonna eat A LOT of barbecue.  Just google “Bluegrass & Barbecue” and you’ll find over 110,000 entries.   A southern thing for sure, (though the damn yankees have caught on…) but I was curious to know where the marriage began. A journalist, Jonathan Daniels, one wrote back in the 50’s that “Barbecue is the dish which binds together the taste of both the people of the big house and the poorest occupants of the back end of the broken-down barn”. It’s all that’s good about the south.  For all our region’s checkered past, Barbecue has emerged as the universally celebrated enduring icon of the south that transcends race, culture, creed, social status.  As far as the tie with bluegrass,..probably something of an Appalacia-based reason why we get served more “Carolina” style ‘cue than “Alabama” style ‘cue at the Bluegrass gigs.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a reason that the Lord put us in a bluegrass band.   You could say that we dig the pig, in any style.   Just in the past two weeks we’ve played some swanky Buckhead parties, including the Derby Day throwdown at chops, and all three served barbecue.

Speaking of Barbecue and Bluegrass, we just accepted a position in a talented line-up of groups at the Decatur Blues & Bluegrass festival on August 19th. Check it out at www.decaturbbqfestival.com


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