Hierba que se usa como forraje

May 24, 2009

“Hierba que se usa como forraje”.  (that’s spanish for “Bluegrass”…or at least that’s what the spanish-english website told me.  Technically, it means “Herb that can be used as fodder”. Befitting, in so many ways.  Much more interesting than “pasto azul”, which was what I was thinking, but what do I know).  Been kickin’ around Spanish words and phrases since recently CD Baby informed me that we sold a CD  to a person in Biscay, Spain.  And not your regular boring touristy catch phrases like “¿Dónde está el baño?“, I wanted to know phrases that I might use if we were to pack up and do a gig over there…like “Reckon they’ll let us pick over yonder?” (“¿Te supongo que vamos a arrancar por allá?”), “Where can a fella get a cold’beer?” (“¿donde un hombre puede conseguir una cerveza fría?”) and “Damn, son!  That is one fine lookin’ fiddle you got there” (“Maldita sea, hijo! Esta es una multa buscando violín que tiene allí.”)

I clicked around picture of this place, and I am now standing for the possibility that The DejaBlue Grass Band will book a gig there.  Looks like a pretty cool place!  Couldn’t you see us out there pickin’ and grinnin’ (“punteo y sonreír”) right there on that veranda?

By the way, Banjoboy pointed out to me that it was exactly one year ago that we released our CD Cubo lleno de lluvia”


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  1. Risa en voz alta!

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