Packin’ for Telluride

June 14, 2009

packed for TellurideOur suitcases are swollen with the anticipation of another Telluride Bluegrass Festival.  I can smell the white-bark aspen trees already.  We leave Tuesday morning.    What a difference a year makes.  It’ll be quite a different vibe this year.

Last year at this time, having just released our first CD, we were feverishly prepping for the pressures of the band competition (all while Dr. Jones was shackled to his study guide, cramming for the patent bar exam.  One morning, Kyle Caldwell and I were in line with Jonesy for the famous tarp run duty.  It was 5 in the morning, and about 40 degrees, and he’s huddled up in a toboggan with his books and a flashlight under the only streetlamp available near us, looking a lot like the unibomber plotting his next move).

At a pre-party, about  a week before we left, we staged 8 or 9 songs and let the collective 20+ Atlanta crew decide what 6 songs sounded best.  Everybody was “bought in”.  Upon arrival in Telluride, we rolled into Blue Pointe for a raucous pre-celebration dinner party with toasts and good cheer abound.  Kyle stood for the possibility that we could win it, while the “Angry Toastmaster” admonished us with cranky goodwill. Kitty Ray was filming away on our soon-to-be-but-quite-possibly-never-released rockumentary about the whole experience.  Man, we and we were wound up tighter than a snare. But, mission accomplished.  We played the mainstage at Telluride!

This year, we’ll have a much smaller crew and it’ll be a more relaxed vacation.  We will definitely miss the first family of the TBF, The Bowers,  but we’ll have to carry on the tradition and hold their place until next year.  We’ll enjoy our friends and, while there are only two of the band members there, we’ll find time to take on some other musicians and busk in the streets.   We’ll update this blog a lot while we’re out there, and post whatever kind of trouble we get in and give you a look-see.


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