Slackin’ from Telluride

July 6, 2009

photo by Kitty Ray Swain

Telluride is such a great time, it takes me a good 3 weeks to get over the longing in my gut when I return.  Yeah, well…I sorta dropped the ball on the whole Telluride blog thing.  Joey was back in Asheville tending to brother John’s recovery from a pretty horrific biking accident, so he and Beth were sorely missed.  It seemed pointless to post since our man JB wasn’t there, so technically there was no DejaBlue Grass Band in Telluride. There were no pictures or video to be taken, of us making music, at least.  Not that there weren’t some magical musical moments, though.

Mark and I (and the entire Atlanta crew) got invited to this killer after-hours party on Saturday night where many of the Telluride Troubadour contestants were song swapping in the round.  Jonesy and I joined on the fun, but the real magic happened when some members of Sam Bush’s band came by for a little jam session…and we joined in!  Quite an experience to say the least.  Guitarist Stephen Mougin and banjo picker (and one of Mark’s personal heroes) Scott Vestal came sans instruments so we quickly gave up our lot and put our equipment in the hands of some real pickers.  They did not disappoint!  Phenomenal to say the least.  I gave up my mando to Sam’s sound engineer (wish I remembered his name…super nice guy and one HELL of a mandolin picker!) and he shredded it with ease.  They quickly busted into “Little Georgia Rose” and then took off for solo after breathtaking solo.  After a few more tunes, Mark, Kyle Caldwell, and I chimed in with a DjBGB original tune, “Gold Paper Sides”…quite a thrill!  Unfortunately the lighting was so dark, and flashes were not allowed, so we don’t have any pictures of the event, but it was one of the better musical memories I’ll ever keep with me.

We’re cranking up for some musical memories ourselves and hope you’ll join us, July 16th at the RedLight Cafe in Atlanta. We’ll start right about 8pm. We could use a big crowd, so drag a friend or 3 when you come!


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