Brewtubin’ Asheville

September 22, 2009

Video by Kitty Ray Jones, Cat’s Eye Editorial

We had a blast in Asheville!  What a fabulous festival.  ‘Course, how can it not be with 40 breweries, killer live music from some great bands, including Dehlia Low, Black Lillies, Blueground Undergrass, and Jim Lauderdale, set in the Smoky Mountain crown jewel of Asheville…and best of all NO RAIN!  It poured all Friday,and all Sunday on the drive home, but for whatever reason, on Saturday it was a clear as summer pilsner.

About an hour after we finished out set, unlaxed from the Brewgrass stage, and began sampling all the deliciously hoppy goodies being poured about the festival, it came to our attention that Barley’s Taproom had already advertised that we were to be their feature band that night.  Good thing we got word when we did.  A little more “sampling” time, and it might’ve been curtains for the DjBGB.   I have no idea how we got that gig, but the place was packed when we got there.   Since no one know us, we felt like we needed to hit’em with a sing-a-long to get us off on the right foot, so we played “Wagon Wheel” by OCMS, and on cue, about 150 people began belting it out with us at the top of their lungs, from the first syllable to the echo of the last note.   So loud I could barely hear myself sing.  Even though it wasn’t one of our songs, it was quite a thrill, and it made me wonder what it must be like for a crowd to sing one of our original songs.  I plan to make that happen.  It was as good as it gets.  I think we plan on being there next year, even if we don’t play!


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