Follow along with us on our new CD Project

January 9, 2010

The DejaBlue Grass Band begins a new chapter in earnest today, January 9th, 2010.  1+9=10.  Nice, huh? After a nice long break, we are embarking on our 2nd CD project and we invite you to follow along.   It’s something we’ve had designs on since shortly after we released “Bucket Full of Rain” in May 2008.    After finding a sound we were comfortable with on the title cut, and covering 14 other songs on the first go-round, the question began to surface: Could we do an entire project of original material?   And so it began, with putting some ideas down on paper and noodling around with some tunes, and bringing them to the band for us to wrap our minds around and make our own.  Flash forward two years and here we are.  We have written, finished, and performed about 6 originals, fooled around with 3 more or so, and have about 5 songs written that we have yet to work up.

One of the most exciting things about the project is that we happen to have a PhD in Electrical Engineering who plays a mean banjo, and who has agreed to be executive producer, engineer, and task-master.  Our own Mark Lehi Jones has already spent countless hours converting his old office into a full-fledged recording studio for us.  One thing during the first CD project that we thought was missing was the ability create a live “vibe”  when recording, (We recorded in different rooms and then mixed), so Mark has ingeniously designed this recording room that will simultaneously allow us to sing in a room together, while not allowing the sound to bleed from mic to mic.  It really quite innovative.  You’ll notice in the picture here that each red box is lined with sound absorbent casing and a mic in the middle.

This will be a totally new experience for us, creating our own sound with our own music in our own studio.  Should be fun!  I’m going to take pictures and video and update after each recording session.  I’m hoping that official DjBGB photographer/videographer Kitty Ray Jones will join me in that effort, too.  So follow along, give us feedback, and let us know what you think!  We’re very excited!

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