Day 1, Project 2

January 11, 2010

Chief Engineer Jonesy had everything ready to roll and did a fabulous job keeping us on track and rolling

More than expected.  For Day 1, we had a goal of the five of us getting familiar with the setup, used to the equipment, and maybe, just maybe, getting 1 or 2 usable rhythm tracks.  MJ was so prepared for the session with proper tempos, drum tracks to keep us on time, and a set-up that worked right out of the box.

MJ manning the board through the studio glass with lyrics to “Gold Paper Sides” in the foreground.

We ended up with the complete rhythm tracks to 3 songs: a gospel waltz “Gold Paper Sides”, a mid-tempo bluegrass song called “Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone”, and a traditional bluegrass tune in the tradition of Mama Don’t Allow called “On the Radio”.   For not having played a note together in almost 2 months, we felt very good about that.  

JB and Todd ready for the session.

Joey leaves for Spain for about a month in February, so we are concentrating on getting material down that we are supremely familiar with before he leaves.  While he’s gone we’ll do some solo work, work on scratch tracks for when he returns, and clean up some loose ends. 

TC, Keith, and JB look on as Chief Recording Engineer Jonesy works on troubleshooting some mic positioning.

We were getting a little bit too much bleed from the bass so the last half of the recording session poor Todd had to be quarantined behind one of the carpet walls to cut down on the bleed from the fiddle.  In an effort to create a more “live” feel to the project, we are recording together in the same room, which makes it all the more important to concentrate because, unlike recording in separate rooms where we could clean up one person’s mess by recording over mess-ups, if one of us screws up on a rhythm track it affects the entire band, and we have to scrap it. 

RW tuning up getting ready for “Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone”…lyrics in the foreground

So we’re off till Thursday when Mark and I will get together and work on a scratch track for a new song that the band has yet to play.  We are using Thursday nights as our proactive attempt to get material ready to be “consumed” by the band.  Last Thursday we recorded a couple of “potentials”, one called “$8 Beer”, and another (a fiddle tune) called “Uncle John’s Creek”.  Whether they make the cut or not remains to be seen. 

More to come in a few days….


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