March 12, 2010

Enjoy someone’s taping of us doing “Swim That River of Jordan” a few months back at the UUCA.  Yes, a gospel song at a Unitarian Church.  Ain’t life grand?

As a band of 5 dads with day jobs and responsibilities, it’s a true extracurricular labor of love to become The DejaBlue Grass Band.  Don the duds, grab our gear, yodel up the vocals,  and voila!  It’s a stress reliever, a creative outlet, a means of self expression, a cathartic “no worries” conversation among friends.  Our brains constantly thinking of cool ways to market the band, stay in touch with our friends and fans, arrange harmonies, write new music, etc. 

Our schedules? Not so much.   Hence the reason why we (read: me) haven’t done much on this blog lately.  Since it is an album of original DjBGB material, it was my best intention to do what we never did on the first CD project: Create a running dialogue about the project, what we’re thinking, what tracks we’re working on, what stage we’re in, post pictures, videos, etc…if only to humor ourselves and keep a record of the experience.   But life has a way of snatching you up by the short and curlies and draggin’ you down a different doorway to sales meetings, soccer games, and spousal time…all of which are good things.  Just leaves less time for bluegrass.  

We’re still recording and doing our thing when we can..weekends mostly.  Mark and I have been getting together on Thursday nights, and fleshing out new tracks, getting guide tracks ready for the band when we get together.   JB is in Spain for a few weeks, so we’ve been shoring up rythm tracks and working on solos until his return.  Then we’ll begin to work on vocals in earnest and rehearsing for some gigs coming up.  We’ll be back at the WRFG PeachBlossom Festival in Clarkston, GA on Saturday, April 3rd, and the night before we’ll be sharing the stage at the 5-Spot in Little Five Points in Atlanta. 

The album should be looking pretty good by the Summer.  No definitive release date yet.  Which reminds me, we need a title for the new album.  Got any ideas?


One comment

  1. I just noticed the name of that video “bluegrASS Band DejaBlue” Those Unitarians are some funny folk.

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