Three New Festival Dates for the DjBGB

August 27, 2010

Sorry for so long between blog updates.  With the advent of Facebook (and if you haven’t “fan”ed us or “friended” us already, please do) we just don’t update this as much as we should.  Most of our gig infomation is disseminated through social media these days…sign of the times, I ‘spose.

We’ve added 3 new festival dates this fall, beginning Labor Day weekend, when the band and our families trek down to do a little pickin’ on the Panhandle in Port St. Joe, FL at the PoJo Music Festival.  We also picked up a gig on Saturday night at a place called The Thirsty Goat (I should make a list of all-world pub and tavern names…this might make the list). For both gigs we have the honor to welcome as our special guest, Ms. Leah Calvert from the Dappled Grays on fiddle and vocals.   We are all big fans of Leah so it’ll be quite a treat to play and sing with her for two dates.

Interesting story about how we got the gig….After playing the Decatur Barbecue Blues and Bluegrass Festival on Saturday, August 21,  JB received a text from the Tourism Director down in Port St. Joe.  He heard us that night,  liked us, offered us the gig in Port St. Joe, we checked with all the band members, made some quick arrangements to stay, signed the deal and voila! Within about a 36 hour period we’d gone from a lazy Labor day at home to being locked and loaded for a weekend at the beach.   (I love this band!!)

After jetting off to St. Louis for a very special gig in late September (Did I mention I love this band??), we’ll be back in Atlanta for Hotoberfest, in the Glenwood Park Community in Atlanta on October 2nd.  It’s Atlanta’s great craft beer Fall festival (isn’t it a great time to be a beer drinker?  I mean seriously, world-class killer handcrafted beer all within crawling distance of one another in October in Atlanta…doesn’t get any better).  There’s a stellar musical line-up and it’s in a very cool vintage new neighborhood near East Atlanta.

In late October, Sunday the 24th, we’ll play right in JB‘s neighborhood at the Candler Park Fall Festival in Candler Park.   We’re back to back with our friends Olde Dog and other fine musical groups worthy of this cool family friendly festival.   All five of us really love to do some good gospel harmony, and Sunday at the Candler Park Fall Festival, we have a special set of easy Sunday gospel that’ll fill yo’ heart and ease yo’ troubled mind.    Don’t you worry ’bout a thing.


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