Freezin’ our grass off!

February 11, 2011

DjBGB, in a warmer time, at the Candler Park Fall Festival,  2010

Yes,  always looking for cheeky “grass” references whenever possible…bad boys that we are. So both the Punxsutawny prognosticator AND Beauregard Lee predict an early Spring, and I hope those varmits are right, by god, because we are ready! It’s colder than a gobler’s knob. The DjBGB is busting at the seams to get out in some warm weather and play some bluegrass.  ‘Course if we don’t stop  packing on the winter poundage, we might bust’em anyway… but fear not, we’ll be in Speedo shape soon enough. Ladies, contain yourselves.

I think the entire city of Atlanta is ready for some warm weather and we oughta have a great spring full of festivals and music in the city. Matter of fact, we’re kicking around some opportunities right now as we come out of hybernation,.  We should have some new gigs up on our website soon.  New tunes, too. I hope y’all’ll come out and join us!


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