Hic Et Ubique in Spring

March 2, 2011

Man, the ol’ groundhog wasn’t foolin’ around, was he? Soon as he popped up to take a look around, we started having the prettiest Feb I can remember in a long time. Hope that plays right on into March and April because The DejaBlue Grass Band is getting cranked up with a couple new dates to kick off the season! Before you get too busy, take a look at your calendar and leave a little wiggle room to come wiggle with the DjBGB. We’re working on several new tunes that we think you’ll like.

WRFG’s Peach Blossom Festival, April 2, 2011. Lotta good friends we’ve made over the years at the PeachBlossom.   The new venue at the Clarkston Community Center is much better than the one in previous years when it was down at the Ga Farmer’s Market.   Looking forward to seeing our friends Cedar Hill, Whoa Nelly, Johnny Roquemore, and really looking forward to seeing the Mosier Brothers Band and Counterpoint, among others.

Sweetwater 420 Fest, April 17th, 2011. We played Candler Park’s Fall Festival and we are thrilled to be invited to play this year’s Sweetwater 420.   It’s a festival we’ve attended many times, and it’s an honor for us to play it this year.   Word has it that Greensky Bluegrass and Railroad Earth will be the main attractions.  We will be playing on the auxiliary stage.


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